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  • Geneva Drive:
    Dependable, performance proven design, provides the speed and power for years of dependable high volume production.

  • Main Bearings
    The X-Press uses aircraft quality, anti-friction thrust bearings on the indexer carousel.

  • Main Control Panel
    Conveniently located control box allows operator to reposition unit for maximum ease of use. Features include independent single / double print control; free index mode; cycle dwell timer; flash system activators, etc.

  • Load - In / Load Out Mode
    Sampling sequence activates print head as initial or final garment passes through a cycle. Start or finish any production at the flick of a switch.

  • Independent Station Controls
    Features include: free index; independent squeegee and flood bar speed control; single print; head up / down; high lift; setup button to move indexer to next print position.

  • Micro-Registration
    Up front controls provide easy set function for aligning multicolor screen images. Dual grids pinpoint accuracy.

  • Stroke Length Sensors
    Permit use of different sized frames. Limits stroke to image area to speed production and prevent overworking of the ink.

  • Adjustable Rear Frame Holder
    Combine with adjustable stroke to use compatible frame sizes within your present inventory.

  • Front - to - Back Off - Contact Adjustment
    Control ideal image reproduction from job - to - - job through simple, yet highly effective off - contact. “Tool - Free” / adjustment.

  • Easy Flash Unit Installation
    Simply “hi - lift” the print head (one switch), and install the optional Centurian style Quartz Hi - Flash unit.

  • Pneumatic Rear Screen Clamps
    Finger - tip controlled system is independently operated at each station. Speed setup for total up front print head control.

  • Remote Diagnostics
    A phone-modem connection provides a direct link between the printer's on-board microprocessor and the central A.W.T. diagnostics computer. The instant service feature reduces downtime by up to 80% and minimizes the need for expensive on-site service calls.

    Additional standard features:

  • Flexible stroke length
  • Fully adjustable X and Y
  • Micro-registration

    The main control panel is mounted conveniently above the loading station, and includes all the best features you can expect:

  • Load-in / load-out mode
  • Independent print
  • Set-up and production modes
  • Free index mode
  • Head-on / off toggle switch control
  • Missed paint push button
  • Independent flash control
  • Single or timed inde

    Independent head station allows the operator to control:

  • Print and flood speeds
  • Free index
  • Highlift
  • Read air clamps commands<
  • Independent print
  • Set up table index
  • Head up / down mode