American M&M Screen Printing Machinery

American M&M, A Division Of The A.W.T. World Trade Group






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Aluminum Print Bed
Seamless, non-oxidizing, warp-resistant, anti-static metal printing surface

Three-way registration system aligns screen, copy and vacuum bed for +/-.001 print repeatability.

Independent Print/Flood Speed Control
Individually controlled squeegee and floodbar speeds are standard on these professional printing machines.

Adjustable Print Stroke
Print stroke can be adjusted from full to half-length with repositioning of one bolt.

Off-Contract Peel Control
Centralized peel control adapts peel rate to different substrates, screen tensions and ink types.

Squeegee Control
Mechanically adjustable squeegee and floodbar pressure ensures consistent quality printing.

Emergency Safety Bar
Wrap-around safety bar, along with a dynamic brake motor, help ensure effective stopping on Cameos.

Foot Pedal Switch
Single cycle control frees operatorís hands for maximum production mobility.

Remote Diagnostics
A phone-modem connection provides a direct link between the printer's on-board microprocessor and the central A.W.T. diagnostics computer. The instant service feature reduces downtime by up to 80% and minimizes the need for expensive on-site service calls.

Additional standard features:

  • Pulse-free, smooth carriage
  • Convenient up-front controls
  • Squeegee angle adjustment
  • Masterframe with adjustable clamps (optional on the Cameo 24)
  • Variable dwell timer
  • Heavy-duty steel chassis
  • Solid state DC circuitry
  • State-of-the-art controls