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The A.W.T./American M&M Quantum is a technological break-through in UV drying. It is a revolutionary new high-energy low heat system which more than doubles UV curing capacity. The Quantum automatically regulates IR initiation and UV energy output to insure effective curing of all UV clear and pigmented coatings.

Our patent pending air-cooling system withdraws heat from both sides of the reflector and maintains low temperature throughout the curing unit. The Quantum eliminates the high maintenance, inefficient water-cooling systems.

Now, because of the accelerated high-speed curing capability of the A.W.T./American M&M Quantum and unique construction, it can instantly cure UV inks on even the most heat sensitive stocks while reducing heat build-up by one-half, requiring only a single module for most applications.

The unique Bi-modal™ constructions, together with its mercury vapor lamps selectively concentrate IR and UV energy to assure complete, cool and rapid curing. Individual lamp output control allows curing at 300, 200, 150 and even 100 watts per linear inch for curing the widest possible range of substrates, including paper, cardboard, vinyl and plastics.

Bi-modal™ construction and high speed curing are complemented by pressurized air from the chill section during the cure. These three features maintain lowest possible temperatures nearly eliminating heat distortion in even the most heat-sensitive of printed and cured stocks.

Build-in safety interlocks at all openings instantly shut-off power if lifted preventing accidental operator exposure to UV light source.