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High Rate of Production
Proven twice as fast as any other UV curing system on the market; cures many UV inks on conventional substrates, as well as on heat-sensitive, distortion-prone substrates.

Air-Chill Action
A 1/3-HP blower provides a high-speed air stream, instantly reducing substrate temperatures by as much as 80 F; cooler and more effective than other chilling units that require an external water supply.

Individual Power Settings
100, 150, 200 or 300 watts per linear inch of lamp to instantly cure UV inks on many types of plastic, glass and metal substrates.

Independent Production Capability
Operates independently to meet the curing demands of all manual, semi-automatic and automatic presses.

Integrated Controls
Start/stop action of the chiller is integrated into the controls of the Quantum UV curing module.

Vacuum Holddown
Safely secures lightweight stocks and removes ozone and trace volatiles from the shop area.

Variable-Speed Conveyor
Process prints at all belt speeds from 35 to 100 feet per minute.

Digital Belt Speed Readout
Reveals exact belt speed (in feet per minute) and allows the operator to reset jobs at the proper speed; saves time when restarting or rerunning similar or identical jobs.

Resomite Belting
Exclusive, non-metallic, woven mesh belt material resists acids and other chemicals; easily cleaned and will not mar stock.