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American M&M’s Rototex II Manual Textile Printer offers the perfect combinations of highly versatile production and easy operator handling.

Built with a low profile and height adjustable screen holder arms, the Rototex II can reduce operator fatigue and valuable production time. The high-grade ball bearing construction provides smooth carousel action and indexing for extended durability.

Rototex’s optional multi-directional X/Y registration system enables the operator to perform quick color-to-color setup. This heavy-duty system will not wear or vibrate out of register even during extended production runs. Off-contact control allows you to directly manage ink deposit for excellent fine line and halftone reproduction.

Rototex can be ordered with American’s original multi-pallet speed table, or, for even higher production speeds, try the Rototex “all-heads down” synchronized speed table. Each platen on this table is preregistered at the factory to allow printing at any or all stations with +/-.002” registration repeatability.

Each Rototex is available with more optional features for even greater versatility. The optional "Joystik" Squeegee Holder takes your hands off the squeegee to lessen operator fatigue and syndrome. Plus, by maintaining even pressure along the squeegee blade, you can obtain higher quality print results. Adjustable squeegee angle adapts to various production variables.

Other options include specialty platens for sleeve and pants leg printing. A jacket hold-down attachment is also available for printing lined nylon outerwear.