American M&M Screen Printing Machinery

American M&M, A Division Of The A.W.T. World Trade Group






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  • Positive Head Lock-In Metal Keel/roller bearing design maintains exact color-to-color repeatability for each printing to ensure -/+.002 registration.

  • Side Screen Clamps Double clamp system holds screens from the sides for maximum stability while printing. Adjustable to accommodate various frame sizes.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction Rugged, heavy-gauge steel base furnishes absolute stability. Locking casters provide excellent mobility when necessary.

  • Aluminum Platens Warp-proof, rubber covered aluminum pallets provide a durable, effective print surface. Heat resistant and easy-to-clean; can be used with all types of platen adhesives.

  • Precise Carousel Movement High-grade bearings ensure smooth, less fatiguing screen carousel movement. Durable components guard against excessive wear for longer life.