American M&M Screen Printing Machinery

American M&M, A Division Of The A.W.T. World Trade Group






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  • Multidirectional X/Y Registration and Off-Contact System
    Enables sophisticated multicolor jobs to be setup in minutes. Easy-to-read microgrids permit exact control. Incorporates off-contact peel control. Heavy-duty construction will not vibrate out of register during extended productions.

  • "Joystik" Squeegee Holder
    Equalizes pressure along the entire squeegee blade to maintain even ink deposit and repeatable print results. Adjustable squeegee angle adapts to various applications. Reduces operator fatigue for higher production and quality. Minimizes risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Synchronized Speed Table
    Multi-platen rotary index table allows multiple operation from any station for increased productions and versatility. Jobs can be started and completed at any station. Rototex 4-color accommodates a 4-station table; 6-color accommodates a 6-station table; 8-color accommodates a 4-station table.

  • Speed Table
    Multi-platen rotary indexer; additional platens serve as loading and unloading stations or permit more efficient spot curing. Enables operators to reach a manual production speed of 15 dozen multicolor garments per hour.

  • Spot Cure Unit
    Intercolor drying unit for immediate heat setting when printing process prints or base colors on dark garments.

  • Jacket Hold-Down Attachment
    Jacket attachment provides firm hold-down to keep jacket from shifting during multicolor printing. Special pallet for printing multi-layer goods included.

  • Sleeve Printing Platens
    Provide positive support of garment sleeves during printing. Custom pallets made to order. Standard 4 width.

  • Pants Printing Platen
    Required for printing tightly registered pant images. Fully supported. Standard 7 width.

  • Additional Platen Sizes:
    • Size: 10 x 16 Infant Wear
    • Size: 12 x 16 Children Wear
    • Size: 16 x 15 Standard
    • Custom jumbo platen sizes up to 20 x 24 image available. (Optional extended screen arm required to handle 36 x 25 frame.)