American M&M Screen Printing Machinery

American M&M, A Division Of The A.W.T. World Trade Group






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  • Adjustable Stroke
  • Solid State 1-15 Second Dwell
  • 5 Digit Reset Counter
  • Adjustable Dwell Position
  • Caster Base for Easy Mobility
  • Plastic Squeegee and Aluminum Flood Bar
  • Variable Cycle Speeds
  • Maintenance Free, Heavy Duty Rotron Vacuum (S-912T only)
  • Micro Register Rear Screen Frame Clamp (S-912T only)
  • Formica Laminated Vacuum Printing Surface (except S-912T which has 24 dia. Rotary Table)
  • Up-Front Control Panel Provides Total Operator Convenience

    Remote Diagnostics
    A phone-modem connection provides a direct link between the printer's on-board microprocessor and the central A.W.T. diagnostics computer. The instant service feature reduces downtime by up to 80% and minimizes the need for expensive on-site service calls.